The Ancestry Cultural Legacy Project is thrilled to have retained Dr. Jonathan Livingston to prepare the participants of the project regarding the range of possible emotions that might occur at the disclosure of their AncestryDNA findings. He will also be on hand to assist the participants in processing their results after the disclosure. Dr. Livingston will also speak to the role AncestryDNA finding might play in the formation of new cultural identities.

Dr. Livingston received his doctorate in Community Psychology, and prior to attending Michigan State; he received training in African and African American psychology at Florida A& M University. His areas of interests are African American psychological well-being and the cumulative effects of racism and social inequalities on African American mental health and health disparities. Additional areas of interest include program evaluation, community development, and education reform.

Dr. Livingston has taught classes in community, personality, and adolescent psychology, research methodology, community advocacy, and human growth and development. In 2001, he received the Excellence in Teaching Award from Michigan State University. He has authored and co-authored peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and newspaper articles on race, psychology, mental health, health disparities, and education, as well as presented his research at a number of national and international conferences.